The Drink I Start My Day With

Hot water and lemon.


I started drinking it every morning because I have been juicing on and off since September after seeing the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. They suggest you start off your morning with hot water and lemon (I add a little honey or agave nectar as well). You’re supposed to drink it an hour before you eat anything.

Well. I had NO idea how good lemon water was for you until I did a little research. Check out the links here, here and here for the scoop!

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2 thoughts on “The Drink I Start My Day With

  1. I drank this a few times (with honey of course) because I read such good things about it. It helps inside/outside with your skin/body. It cleans you out & makes you feel so much better. I does taste really good ;)

    Good drink for wrinkles as well! Always a PLUS :)